Preparing for my first performance of all 10 Caprices for Solo Violin by Sonia Eckhardt-Gramatté, at The Banff Centre, February 2018.  I performed the Caprices in front of a visual slideshow of photos, paintings and other memorabilia, journeying through Sonia’s life, giving the audience the chance to get to know this extraordinary woman while hearing her music performed!


Mid-performance of Sonia’s 10 Caprices, recounting a funny anecdote about the composer to the audience



The piece of art that serves as the backdrop to this poster is a painting by Walter Gramatté, Sonia’s first husband. He created many interesting paintings of Sonia during their years together.


Recording day one: I recorded all 10 of Sonia Eckhardt-Grammatté’s Solo Violin Caprices at The Banff Centre, February 2018.


With two-thirds of my brilliant recording engineer team at Banff, just after wrapping on the last day!


I have taken so much inspiration for my interpretation of Sonia’s music from her own recordings of these Solo Violin Caprices. It is truly fascinating to hear her playing her own music!


A mirror image of my gorgeous cosy practice hut at The Banff Centre, where I got to spend three weeks diving into Sonia’s musical world!


The album art for my CD! The painting is a portrait of Sonia by her husband, Walter Gramatté, entitled ‘Bird Girl’.