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If you had asked me a few months ago what exactly a podcast was, I’m not sure I would have been able to give a proper answer; ‘something to do with radio?’…  However, I have recently become a huge fan of podcasts and I thought I would write about a few that I have been particularly enjoying here on my blog, for any of you who are interested in them but also feeling a little puzzled by the whole concept, or for anyone looking for something new to listen to!

Podcasts are hugely varied and come in many different forms; they can be similar to YouTube videos, radio programmes, audio books, chat shows, documentaries (audio or video) – there really is something for everyone, which is something that I love about them, but it also means that there is a hell of a lot of choice, and just spending some time browsing to see what interests you is not a bad use of time.  I find that podcasts are great for travelling or listening to while you are doing washing up or other boring chores and I also love to listen to them to help me fall asleep at night.  

I’ve been doing a lot of research into all the different podcast categories, of which there are many, and I have found a few which I liked so much that I subscribed to them (which means I get notified when a new episode of the podcast comes out, usually once per week).  I hope you find something that might spark interest in you or that this post gives you some inspiration to find some podcasts for yourself!

The History Chicks
Presented by Susan Vollenweider and Beckett Graham, this is a podcast all about different and important historical women.  Each episode in the podcast focuses on the life of a different woman, for example, Jane Austen or Marie Curie, and I find it hugely interesting for getting to know these amazing lives that I didn’t know about before.  What I also especially like about this podcast is that it doesn’t feel scholarly or boring – these great podcasters have a way of engaging their listeners, making it funny and personal and really bringing these exciting stories to life.  I particularly enjoyed the episode on Zelda Fitzgerald!

What Should I Read Next
Anne Bogel, blogger behind Modern Mrs Darcy,  presents this informative and interesting podcast, which is all about books and answering the difficult question that all book lovers face: what should I read next? In each episode Anne interviews a different guest, all ‘bookish’ people, from librarians to independent bookshop owners.  She asks them all to choose three books they love, one they hate, what they are currently reading and then gives them some options for books they could read next.  I really enjoy not only getting to know lots of new books and authors that I hadn’t heard of, but also hearing about what all these different kinds of people like to read.  This podcast is perfect for anyone who loves books and enjoys hearing people talk about them.

Pod Save America
This podcast caught my eye recently and I absolutely had to recommend it in this list.  The podcast tag line reads ‘A no-bullshit conversation about politics’ and that is exactly what you get.  Sometimes I feel bombarded by lots of different news articles, there is SO much going on and it all feels so AWFUL.  This podcast breaks it all down and talks about each issue in a no-bullshit way.  Of course it doesn’t make you feel any better about what is happening right now in the world, but it really helps you to navigate through the whole mess. I find listening to these guys talk about politics much more useful and helpful than reading hundreds of news articles and I totally support what they do – this is an accessible podcast but it gets it’s point across.

Witch, Please
Something completely different here – this is a podcast for all you adult Harry Potter fans! It is presented by two Canadian scholars who delve into all the mysteries of Harry Potter, all of your unanswered questions and aspects of these stories that just made them SO great.  It is really fun, you will get lots of laughs here, and if you enjoyed Harry Potter and want to re-visit this magical world, I definitely recommend giving this podcast a listen!

Art Detective
This is a podcast for anyone who loves and wants to know more about different works of art.  Dr Janina Ramirez, an Oxford Art Academic, presents this podcast, in which each new episode focuses on a different piece of art and the story behind it.  The episodes are not too long, about 40 minutes, and, again, it doesn’t feel too intellectual or pretentious.  I feel that Dr Ramirez really shares her passion and love with us, makes the art understandable and accessible.  I find this podcast really interesting and have learnt a lot about some incredible paintings.

I would describe Radiolab as a documentary series.  Each episode features a different issue or interesting subject,  which can be anything from the Ponzi scheme to parasites to raccoons in Guadeloupe.  This podcast is absolutely perfect for a curious mind, and will certainly give you plenty to think about! 

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3 Responses to Podcasts I’m Enjoying

  1. I really want to start listening to podcasts, I love the sound of the art detective!

  2. I need to listen to more podcasts! I think they're really underrated. 'Witch, Please' and 'What Should I Read Next' definitely sounds like my kind of thing. Lovely post!xx


  3. Hi, I love having podcasts for the car. I've not heard of Radiolab before but shall take a look on ITunes now, Chloe #TeacupClub

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