5 Things I Love About Berlin

Without a doubt, Berlin is one of my favourite cities.  This feeling gets stronger and stronger each time I visit.  Having just returned from a short and sweet weekend trip to the city, I got thinking about exactly why I love it so much, and I have come up with five things (although there could have been five hundred!).  I wanted to share these things here.
1.  Fascinating History

Berlin is steeped in its history and cultural heritage – it is still very much alive and breathing in the city and this draws you in.  As you walk around you think about all the stories of the city’s past, and it gives it such a personality and depth – from the parliament buildings to blocks of flats in the east side of the city, everything is interesting.

Checkpoint Charlie
2.  Little Corners, Nooks and Crannies

It doesn’t take long before you start to notice all the alleyways and side streets, and the creativity and life that oozes out of them.  The only problem is, as you want to check them all out and explore, you quickly find yourself lost – but maybe that’s a good thing!

3.  People

Berlin is hugely diverse in its people – you hear lots of different languages and meet people from all walks of life, which never gets boring.  For me, I always get a sense that the people of Berlin are so friendly, so relaxed, and just enjoying life in the moment!

4.  Many, Many Places to Eat and Drink

Whether you are looking for a breakfast of champions or a show stopping fancy dinner, Berlin has it all.  Not to mention the cool craft beer bars and hip cafes that are all over the city.  I can really recommend Kaschk – a nice beer place with loads of different beers to try and a great atmosphere.  Also, Thai Window Asia – a funny little Thai restaurant run solely by one hilarious guy, who may offer to give you a free meal if you do the washing up!  But his food is delicious.


5.  Beautiful Architecture

Berlin is such a mix of old and new – you feel so much history and yet still see the progression in the contemporary buildings.  Walking around the city is really fun and you certainly don’t get tired of looking at the architecture.

So there are my five things I love about Berlin – next visit I am sure to have five more. It is really a wonderful place to spend a few days and already I can’t wait to go back!
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